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Benefits of Hardwood:   

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we offer a wide range of hardwood products. This includes hardwood cladding and hardwood mouldings such as weather bars, skirting, and architrave in a variety of profiles for the perfect finishing touch. However, why should you choose hardwood over the softwood or MDF alternatives?    

  • Durability. Whether you choose ash, oak or cedar hardwoods are typically stronger than softwoods. This is because hardwood timber derives from trees that grow at a slower rate than those that produce softwoods. This means that their makeup is more complex, making it naturally strong and durable enough to be a long-lasting solution that can handle knocks and scrapes. It is particularly durable in homes with pets and/or children.    
  • Environmentally Friendly. Hardwood derives from a natural renewable resource that is sustainable. The low carbon footprint means that production uses less energy than other materials. The growth process of the trees pulls toxic co2 gases out of the atmosphere.  
  • Weather Resistant. Hardwood is the perfect choice for external applications such as timber cladding boards and weather bars for exterior doors, due to its strong resilience against the elements. It can also be used to clad interior walls in rooms with high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms or changing rooms.    
  • Aesthetics. The slow-growing pace of hardwoods also allows for a more complex grain structure with a colour that is typically deeper and richer than softwoods. Many people find these factors attractive and look great in both the modern and traditional home.    
  • Fastenings. Hardwood will have a better hold of fastenings such as nails as opposed to alternatives such as MDF which can loosen over time, making hardwood a more reliable choice.    
  • Low Maintenance. As a tough material, that is durable, hardwoods require very little in terms of maintaining, as most minor damage is hard to see.   

All our high-quality hardwood timbers are purchased from sustainable sources.