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Casings & Linings

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Howarth Timber & Building Supplies have a wide range of softwood door linings ex-stock.   

All our door linings are expertly produced in our state-of-the-art mill and are manufactured using unsorted redwood from Siberia/Scandinavia, Scandinavian 5ths redwood or Scandinavian S/F whitewood.   

What are Door Linings?   

Door Lining is another name for our door frames, which are an inner structure that is designed to allow you to easily hang your internal doors, whilst preventing the door from sticking. 

We offer two-door lining options:   

Standard Door Linings   

Our standard solid door lining option is supplied in unfinished redwood or whitewood, enabling you to finish to your own personal preference of colour and sheen.   

Adjustable Door Linings - Part of our Inspirational Oak Collection   

Fully Adjustable Oak Veneered Door Lining Kits offer an affordable, easy-to-fit solution to the challenge of upgrading your oak internal door frames to match the many beautiful Real Oak Doors that are now available on the market. The Door Linings can be adjusted to fit all standard sized doors and varying wall widths. They feature simple installation and a real wood veneer letting you paint, stain or varnish to match your doors.   

What are Door Casings?  

Door Casings are the support that holds everything in place, whilst also acting as a decorative feature. The casing includes the timber stop that – as the name suggests – stops the door when it sets into place, preventing it from becoming a saloon-style swing-door.  

We offer untrenched casing sets which give you the freedom to place the grooves where you want them. This is useful if you are installing doors that are a non-standard size.  

We also have firecheck options for both door casings and linings that are compatible with fire doors, helping to ensure that your door frameworks to protect your home in the event of a fire.