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Timber Mouldings

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Timber Mouldings

What are Timber Mouldings? 

Timber mouldings is the collective name for a large assortment of decorative wooden mouldings that are typically added as a decorative, ornamental or architectural feature. They can serve a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Covering areas such as gaps where different surfaces meet
  • Creating fine detailing that is carved or embossed into the wood 
  • Adding little details that pull a room together, offering both practicality and attractiveness 

Our range of mouldings is available in a variety of hardwood and softwood options to suit the needs of your project and includes:

  • Scotia: Scotia is fitted as an addition to skirting board. This is a great option if you have had flooring fitted but haven’t removed the existing skirting so is used to cover the gap.
  • Quadrant: Quadrant mouldings add style to flooring projects, their smoothed and curved design is fitted in the joints of the walls. This can be cut to size to give you the right finish you are looking for.
  • Hockey Stick: Traditionally used to cover edges.
  • Lippings: Lipping mouldings are used to cover materials such as MDF, plywood or solid wood.
  • Weatherbars: Weatherbar mouldings are also known as rain deflectors and are effective additions to any exterior door. Weatherbar mouldings move rainwater away from the doorway preventing it from entering your property.
  • Doorstops: Doorstop mouldings are a material which is used to cover transitions between walls and doorstops. Doorstop mouldings are perfect for that professional finish and come in a variety of different colours and decorative designs depending on the particular project.
  • Beads: Bead mouldings are also known as beading and are a great way of adding decoration between 2 glass panes. Bead mouldings are perfect for both modern or traditional homes and can be easily varnished, oiled or stained to match your home interior.
  • Half Round: Half round mouldings are used to cover the edges of different types of materials such as chipboard or plywood.
  • Ogee: Ogee mouldings are used for capping a baseboard or plinth elements. Ogee’s design is a double curve which resembles the letter S, a classical profile.
  • Ovolo: Ovolo mouldings are mouldings that are designed in a similar shape to a quarter of a circle or ellipse and is used as a great decorative profile.
  • D-Shape: D Shape mouldings are used to cover rough edges of sheet materials. Its design is a rounded finish.


At Howarth Timber and Building Supplies we offer a range of different decorative wooden mouldings, can’t find what you are looking for? Contact your local branch who will be able to advise further.