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Small Mouldings

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What are Small Mouldings? 

The term “small mouldings” refer to a large assortment of decorative wood moulding products that are typically added as a decorative, ornamental or architectural feature. They can serve a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Covering unsightly areas such as gaps where different surfaces meet
  • Creating fine detailing that is carved or embossed into the wood 
  • Adding little details that pull a room together, offering both practicality and attractiveness 

Our range of small mouldings is available in a variety of hardwood and softwood options to suit the needs of your project and includes:

  • Scotia
  • Quadrant
  • Angle
  • Hockey Stick
  • Lippings
  • Weatherbars
  • Doorstops
  • Beads
  • Lead Rolls
  • Dowels
  • Other decorative mouldings