What is Plywood? 

Plywood is a popular sheet material that is manufactured using engineered wood that is cut into fine veneers that are layered with each one being rotating by 90-degrees from the layer below.  The veneers used on the faces are of a higher-quality grade than the veneers used at its core. 

This is often referred to as a cross-grain technique and has a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Improved strength and stability 
  • Warping is prevented 
  • Lower risk of the plywood splitting, particularly when nails are inserted around the edges 

The more veneers that a sheet of plywood is constructed of, the stronger it will be.  

What is Plywood used for? 

Plywood is a versatile product that is suitable for use in a wide range of internal applications, including: 

  • Furniture, including kitchen cabinets and cupboards 
  • Flooring 
  • Light partition walls 
  • Doors 
  • Panelling 

Externally, plywood can also be used for: 

  • Cladding 
  • Sheds 

Which applications plywood can be used for will depend on the type of veneers that were used in its construction, as well as the type of glue. Plywood's that are exterior grade are typically WBP (Weather and Boil Proof), which means that the adhesives used are known to be resistant against the weather, with some resistance to moisture. 

Plywood that is suitable for interior-use is not moisture-resistant. This is because for the types of applications it is intended to be used for, it is not necessary to be.