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Cement & Lime

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What is Cement? 

Cement is a fine powder that is used as a binding agent and is usually mixed with an aggregate such as sand or gravel to create a mortar, concrete, render and screed. At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we have a wide variety of cement options available, including: 

  • Multicem. A general-purpose cement with a long shelf-life and creates a finish that is resilient against frost; 
  • PostFix. Used as a long-term solution to fix concrete posts into the ground, there are various types available including rapid setting options; 
  • Trowel Mastic. Used to point wooden and metal door and window frames; 
  • Plasterer’s Stabilising Primer. Prime and stabilise an internal surface to prepare it for new plaster (suitable for new walls, as well as ones that have been plastered before); 
  • Rapid Set Cement. These are ideal for situations where a normal cement is not suitable, perhaps because you need a quick fix or it’s an area that needs to be waterproof as quickly as possible 
  • Fire Cement. Ideal for commercial and domestic use in areas that will be exposed to high temperatures including flue pipes, boilers, and fire bricks. 
  • Sand and Cement Mix. Pre-mixed to save time, you just need to add water as this removes the need to work out ratios; 
  • Hydrated Lime. Added to cement that is to be used on external applications, Lime builds up the water retention; 
  • Macadam. Use this as a temporary fix for driveways and paths, until a long-term repair can be performed; 
  • Self-Levelling Compound. Smooth out surfaces that are uneven, prior to applying tiles onto walls or flooring 
  • Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer. This one is self-explanatory; however, dust proofing is essential to prevent tiny particles causing major problems in the future. 


For advice and guidance choosing the right cement and lime for your next project, contact your local branch.