Fence Fixings

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Fence Fixings

Fence Fixings such as brackets and bases are an essential part of your fencing structure, as they ensure that the posts and panels are secured into place, both in the ground and to each other. This guarantees that your fencing is sturdy and resilient. 

Creating a Base 

Fencefast products feature spikes that penetrate either soil or wet concrete and can be chosen based on the type of ground that you are working with.  

If you are fitting fencing to an existing paved area, such as a patio or decking, we recommend using a Fencebase instead, which is designed to sit on top of the surface and is bolted securely into place. 

Fixings Panels 

U Brackets is a u-shaped fixing that is most commonly used to fix panels into place, however, they are also suitable for use as rafter supports for pergolas. 

They have pre-made holes that accept screws in various spots to ensure that the bracket is sturdy. 

L Brackets are an l-shaped fixing that includes a fitted screw integrated on one side. They are suitable for a variety of applications, but most commonly to fix either fence panels or trellis into place. They can also be used to attach gravel boards to posts. 

Arris Rail Brackets are triangular-shaped, specifically to fit an Arris Rail and include pre-made holes to fix the bracket to the rail with screws.