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Why Howarth Timber Recommend Trex PRO

A landscaper by trade? Here's why you should join Trex PRO and become a member of the Certified Installer Scheme.

For many homeowners, Trex is a long-term landscaping investment that they are likely to want to enjoy for many years to come. However, that investment will be worth it for them in the long-run as not only a money saver but also as a time saver.  

Whilst timber decking naturally ages and deteriorates over time, Trex composite decking will look the same for many years to come without the fading. It is also scratch and mould resistant meaning that it should require less maintenance overall. Perfect for the challenge of modern living! 

Launched in the UK in 2017, Trex PRO is a Certified Installer Scheme that bridges the gap between the homeowner and reliable experts in a specialist type of decking. There are many benefits to joining the scheme: 

1. Easy to Join. Joining the scheme is completely free and all you need to do is to: 

  • Prove that you have installed at least one Trex deck (please note that all applications are fully checked to ensure appropriate standards of installation are guaranteed) 
  • Confirm you have public liability insurance 

2. Customer Confidence. Trex PRO isn’t open to just anyone, so being a member shows your potential customers that you are an expert and know exactly what you are doing. Plus, you can register the decking warranty for them, which helps to reassure your customers that the deck you lay is built to last. 

3. Grow your Business. Once you are on the Trex PRO list, you will: 

  • Receive sales referrals from not only the Trex website but also from telephone enquiries 
  • Have easy access to all relevant Trex marketing materials as well as a marketing support fund, to help promote this unique part of your business 

To further assist the growth of your business as an expert, Trex has launched the Arbordexperts Installer Awards which is open to anyone who has installed a Trex deck within the last 18 months. The categories are: 

  • Best Commercial Trex Deck 
  • Best Large Trex Deck 
  • Best Small Trex Deck 
  • Best Trex Design Solution 

Everyone who enters any of the above categories will also be entered in a fifth category to find the Best of Trex. The winner of this award will win a four-day trip to the USA with trips to Washington DC and Trex University. For more information about the awards, check out their website and learn more about Trex PRO here.  


Kat Musselwhite - HT Blogger