The 'NAM' in Namgrass stands for 'Natura Artis Magistra,' which translates to "Nature is the teacher of art." This is very important to the Namgrass company as they strive to deliver and produce products that are as close to nature as possible. The passion for the product, like that of Namgrass, is genuine.

Attention to detail is extremely essential to the Namgrass brand, and quality control is one of Namgrass' main priorities. Namgrass have continually propelled advancements via brilliant innovation and interesting new technologies, and they have always made it certain that Namgrass has the most natural appearance and feel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of artificial grass?
It is a low-maintenance, all-weather surface. Not only does it look great all year, but it also feels better than the genuine thing! Get rid of your lawnmower and say goodbye to seeding, weeding, watering, and a muddy mess! Also, all our artificial turf is pet and child safe!
What are the disadvantages of artificial turf?
While artificial grass, especially high-quality fake grass, might be costly to install, it is worth the effort since a high-quality artificial grass installation can add value to your home. The initial prices may be high, but you will save money on maintenance charges in the long term.
Does Namgrass require maintenance?
We constantly say at Namgrass that there is no such thing as zero upkeep, particularly in the garden. Namgrass, on the other hand, requires less maintenance.
What sizes are your grasses supplied in?
Our artificial grass is supplied in either 2m or 4m widths and can be cut to the nearest 10cm in length.
Can I replace a section of artificial grass?
Any accidental damage to your artificial grass can be replaced or fixed, but keep in mind that artificial grass is produced in batches. Because the colour and length can vary significantly across batches, a perfect match is unlikely.
Can weed roots affect Namgrass?
Namgrass is made up of a highly strong woven 'scrim,’ which, when combined with the latex backing and our suggested weed barrier laid beneath the grass, results in a very resistant surface with little difficulties.
Does artificial grass get hot?
Because our artificial grass is produced with UV-stabilized fibres, it will not fade no matter how hot the sun gets. While artificial grass does heat up in the sun, it pales in comparison to the amount of heat absorbed by other outdoor materials such as asphalt or resin roads. All our artificial grass products are also built to resist the most extreme climates.
Does artificial grass drain away rain?
Our artificial grass is porous. It has drainage holes drilled into the backing to ensure that any water drains away properly. If there are no drainage concerns where you intend to install your artificial lawn, our artificial turf will not cause any issues.
How long can I expect my Namgrass lawn to last?
The life expectancy of any artificial grass is highly dependent on its usage; at Namgrass, we believe that under normal domestic/garden usage, the grass should last between 15 and 20 years.
Where is Namgrass made?
All Namgrass products are produced in a Namgrass factory in Belgium!
Which Namgrass product is most suitable for pets?
Namgrass is great for dogs and other pets. Puppy accidents will not harm Namgrass and will not discolour it. If you have pets, we recommend against putting shock pads or infilling with sand since they can contain moisture and hence are more likely to retain pet odours. We would also suggest a reduced pile height because it is easier to clean. Your grass will need to be watered at least once every 3-4 weeks. The frequency of this, however, varies based on the time of year and the amount of use.
Can I have a BBQ on my Namgrass lawn?
All our Namgrass products are evaluated for fire behaviour in accordance with EN ISO 9239-1 standards. If you want to set a BBQ on or near artificial grass, we recommend placing it on solid standing, such as concrete slabs, to avoid damaging your grass.
Does Namgrass really feel and look like the real thing?
Namgrass is inspired by nature, and we think that our products not only offer the highest quality but are also the most natural look and feel. Our product line is designed to suit everyone's preferences, such as light coloured grass, deeper hues, long pile, and short pile. Whatever product you choose, you can be confident that you are purchasing the greatest product on the market.
Can I install Namgrass myself?
You most definitely can! All you have to do is follow the easy instructions in our Namgrass installation video. We do, however, have a nationwide network of Namgrass-certified installers who can also perform the job for you.
Why should I choose Namgrass over and above other artificial grass suppliers?
Namgrass takes pride in being entirely unique in the market since we are the only supplier in the UK that designs, manufactures, and distributes all our own products. So, what does this mean for you? That is, you receive a considerably superior and unique product, unrivalled in terms of quality, looks, and feel at a wonderful price - in short, we provide far superior items for the same, or in some cases lower, price than our competitors.
I’ve ordered the wrong amount; can I order the same Namgrass after it’s been delivered?
To ensure an exact match of grass across your new lawn, order all of the grass you need at the same time, since colour and pile can vary slightly between production batches.
What does the warranty cover?
We offer our own warranty on all our grasses since we create them all ourselves. The main points covered by this warranty are UV stabilisation (no fade), the integrity of our products, and 'rot,' which means that our goods will not decay after a few years.
What is Namgrass made from?
Namgrass products are all created using high-quality materials.
Is artificial grass safe?
Our artificial grass has been tested in accordance with European standard EN 71-3. This implies that our artificial grass is free of dangerous chemicals and is suitable for everyone, including children and dogs.
What direction shall I lay Namgrass?
All artificial grass products have a 'pile direction,' which makes your lawn seem as realistic as possible when laid correctly. The ideal method for laying Namgrass is with the pile facing the house. It is also essential to keep in mind that when linking two pieces together, the pile direction must be the same.
I’ve noticed some fine white fibres, what are they?
Please do not be alarmed if you detect thin white strands in your artificial grass; this is only a multifilament yarn that holds the grass fibres together and preserves the fibres throughout the production process and will dissipate on its own. It usually takes a few months (with the help of the sun) for it to disappear. If you are still having problems, you can contact our support team to explore your options.