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What is Plasterboard? 

Sometimes referred to as drywall or gypsum panels, Plasterboard is made up of two layers that are wedged together with gypsum. They are a popular choice because they are both lightweight and cost-effective. 

Modern plasterboards are suitable for use in a wide range of projects including: 

  • Moisture Control. These are ideal for use in areas that are likely to experience moisture such as steam on a regular basis, eg bathrooms, kitchens etc, as the boards won’t absorb any moisture 
  • Thermal. Suitable for use in buildings with solid walls that have not been built with the same amount of insulation as cavity walls can provide.  
  • Sound. These have a higher density which can be used as part of a larger soundproofing system to help reduce noise transmissions through walls and ceilings. 
  • Fire Resistance. Manufactured from a variety of materials, including fire-resistant fillers and fibres, these are designed with the sole intention of helping to increase the fire resistance of an area. 

These innovative products provide durable and high-quality linings for walls and ceilings; lift shafts and stairwells; corridors and auditoria. 

Our plasterboard range also includes Coving.

Coving is a strip-type of moulding that is typically used decoratively, covering the join between an internal wall and the ceiling. Coving has a concave profile and most commonly has a smooth surface, although they sometimes have patterns. They can be used to hide the join between the different coloured wall and ceiling, particularly if the join looks messy; as well as adding character to the room.